Journey to Innovation

When I reported to university for my first year, I knew what program I was going to do and I always answered the question “...which program are you planning on doing?” quite well. If by any chance anyone had asked me about the kinds of activities or skills my program contained, that would have been the end of me had it been an admission question. Strangely, in my Secondary Level I had hated computers and anything was concerned with them. Yet, here I was, going to do a Computer Science program. The first week involved Fresher Orientation and was really hard for me, having to  be in the computer lab and failing to even power on a computer.

Soon, all that changed. This was when I first heard of the Google Student Ambassador program at the MUST. Out of curiosity, I often wondered what it takes to be a Google Student Ambassador and this is what opened my eyes, my capabilities and most importantly, my love for technology. I really wanted to know what it would take me to become an ambassador, so I asked that year’s GSA what it had taken him and his colleague to become one and I got to know about programming in website development and mobile application development because skills and passion is all that is required in competitions and applications. I did not have a personal computer then but always tried to write some code whenever I borrowed a computer from a friend.

From that time I decided to go on and on without stopping. The day I got my own computer, I wanted to try out everything. I could not stop exploring. I joined the Google Developer Group where I met a lot of people with a lot of experience who had been in the field for long. In all the groups and the people I always talked to I learnt one thing, Computer Technology is not a hard thing to get if you have the interest to learn and the passion for what you do.

When you have that, then the journey can begin, it's a continuous process with exposure, learning, development, new terms and fun all through. I think technology should also be more about making the world a better place, not just having the skills. I got this in the first innovation challenge (Technovation) I was part of. These are events held to encourage technologists come up with technology solutions to problems that are faced by their communities in different sectors like education, health, industries, agriculture and the list is endless.

I do not regret signing up for the program I am offering because through it I have got to learn a lot of awesome stuff and interact with people from different fields. Also, through it, I have  got to realize my potential and how I can use the knowledge I have attained to create positive change around and even within me. I believe everyone should embrace technology regardless of their discipline because it cuts across and  it makes the world a fun and  really awesome place.
Ladies Lets Innovate!


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