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Technology events, challenges, hack-thons and startups are the thing today. A lot of groups, organizations and companies are organizing these. They boost young innovators, inventors and those with the passion for technology developments, designs and marketing. For example Outbox, Women passion program, Garage48 among others. Those who have got a chance to attend some of these events will agree with me. The number of ladies that attend these events is always very small compared to the number of gents. This always leaves me wondering, is the communication only made to the gents or the ladies are excluded to be among the participants or the ladies are out of ideas?
But then I happened to get some answers. The ladies are in most cases scared of being inferior to the gents per the ideas and the innovations. They are always quiet and reserved thinking their ideas are not great or thinking they can't do anything better than the guys. So the question remains ‘what can be done to increase on…