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Nyaka Inspirational Talk

My first trip to the beautiful hills and low valleys of Kanungu, one of the districts in Western Uganda was fascinating! I love nature because of its magnificence. Although the journey from Gulu district in northern Uganda to Kanungu is 734 Kilometers long, the few stop-overs were refreshing. 
The trip was an extraordinary one, in honor of an invitation from the Nyaka Aids Foundation Project, to give an Inspirational Talk to the students in the secondary and Vocational school at Nyaka. With funding by Oysters and Pearls - Uganda, five other ingenious ladies and I, all in the technology field, set off for our exciting and engaging adventure to the hilly destination. 

 The sight of grazing cattle on the lush grass in the valley, enormous banana plantations, undulating roads, and the gorgeous people, constantly punctuated our hours-journey. The dusky clouds covered the sun and we were blessed with hailstorm rains. We arrived safely, receiving a warm welcome from our hosts who checked us in…