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Women are God made idols, they are beautiful, strong, hardworking and so loving. They smile during times of stress, grow stronger with prayers and hope. They love, cherish, bring cheerfulness to souls and peace in their communities. Women of substance create things that make the world a better place to be, they connect, make friends, live in harmony with others and they celebrate themselves, their positive impacts and their good hearts.

Many women have showed it in all sectors of life, in politics, academics, economics, sports and media. And in technology there are still so many rising stars that are working hard to change this world and make it a better place to be. The women Techmakers Mbarara got a chance to spend the women’s day eve with young ladies from windows International school, Sentah Collage Mbarara, Bishop Stuart University and Mbarara University of Science and Technology full of the enthusiasm, excitement and interest to learn.

Had a Lady speaker that was a role model to many ladies around, talked about computer science. She described her experience in the technology field to be fun and with a lot of opportunities especially for the ladies. Guidance on the subjects the ladies have to do so as to be part of the amazing and adventurous field of Technology full of fun, learning, doing cool things that matter and can change the world, make it a better place to be.

One of the lectures at Mbarara University of Science and Technology, that runs a program sponsored by Google of inspiring girls in primary and secondary schools through visits and talks to be part of the use and creation of technology. Talked to the ladies about STEM and the reasons why girls/ women never want to take course with Science, engineering, Technology or mathematics as they think it not interesting. The ladies got a chance to see the different things young girls and ladies have created and the secrets behind these achievements. “Never to stop trying even after failure, trying to do things that will have a positive impact to the people around them and the starting point is to get people that have the same interests with you.” There is a hero in each one’s heart that you haven’t discovered, no one has to be afraid.

Motivational presenters, shared their stories of how they came to do courses in computer Science, what they found fun in the field and the different sources they used to learn and gain more skills. With introduction some of the basics in HTML and a demo, ladies got so excited and so amazed of how simple it is to come up with things they thought where complex things. Ladies got to learn about the different Google apps like Gmail, drive, YouTube, calendars, and Google plus as most of them created their first Gmail accounts.

The bottom line is that as we celebrate the International Women’s Day, we should utilize the opportunities available for us to actively engage in technology growth which will make us awesome ladies. Let’s all solve for <X> as you choose who is on your team. It’s our time to shine ladies as we Create Connect and Celebrate. 


  1. this was amazing. thanks Phyllis

  2. The beauty of being different from the others, stand by your oath and let the women body rise,,
    nice piece


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