Ideation Camp At MUST

Outbox brings the Intel Ideation Camp to the West; an exciting way to begin the weekend with guidance through innovation and Entrepreneurship by trainers from Outbox to the youth in ICS Mbarara University of Science and Technology. 
The Intel Ideation Camp is a 2 days long workshop in which participants go through the learning process to ideate, innovate and imagine solutions to identified problems.

It started with a speech from the institute director, aimed at guiding the youth through coming up with ideas that solve a problem that is faced by the many Ugandans, with the excitement and vigor  among the students to find out what happens, students were taken through a step by step journey.

Students identified themselves as hackers, hustlers or artists to form teams. Choosing a particular sector from agriculture, health and education, they listed the different problems selecting one most pressing problem among the many with a broader understanding of the user that is most affected by the problem. "Fall in love with the problem".

The second day of the ideation students came out with a series of ideas just in a limited time to solve the identified problem "Ideas are actually cheap". This stage was very interacting as students had to select the most feasible idea with more team discussion, getting minds to work and thinking out of the box. Some students came up with great ideas about developing mobile apps, information systems and web applications. 

Preparing for the final step, time to get our hands dirty and get the minds to work. First, students described a clear problem statement, the target users, , solution to the problem through a technology approach as identified in the idea, research about the existing related applications, the uniqueness of the product and finally how the youth plan to earn from their innovation that is, their business model.

Different teams pitched their ideas and this was the most challenging and educative stage of the Ideation Camp to almost all the students that participated. It involved serious critiquing, advise and encouragement to the different groups that presented. Of course there is always first time for everything so hope it was a great experience to everyone and  for the students who never completed the camp, you really missed a lot. Lets Innovate. Innovations fail but don't be discouraged just keep trying.



  1. The camp was really nice and a motivative one, a token of gratitude goes to intel

  2. it was really fun, inspiring and motivating.thnx Intel

  3. Thanks guys.. But you can also share what you got from the camp with others through comments. Would love to here your experience.

  4. Me wat i learnt from the camp was, a problem can be changed from being a stumbling block to a stepping stone which can lead us to the next level if at all we are innovative. There for to innovative people, a problem is an opportunity


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